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Project Description


For 10 years, Antonio was a prison inmate. As a drug addict, he had lost his freedom and his family. But a kindly and supportive nun helped him realize he still had value as a person. Today, he is the Director of Las Memorias, a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, that cares for drug addicts and HIV patients. For the people he has dedicated his life to helping, Antonio is a living example of how everyone has the capacity to turn their lives around.



Client : Feeln by Hallmark

Production Company : Feeln

Director : Peter King

Director of Photography : Sean-Michael Smith

Executive Producers: Cristina Malavenda, Peter King

Producers : Iris Ichishita, Rob Fried

Co-Producer: Iliana Guevara, Nare Mkrtchyan

Line Producer:  Rebecca Stone

Editor: Alejandro Heiber

Original Score: Rex Rey