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Project Description


Across the globe, ordinary women are doing extraordinary things. See how they are challenging themselves and defying expectations in this six-part, true-life series.  Created by Cristina Malavenda and Sean-Michael Smith, each episode travels the globe, shedding light on different groups of women doing incredible work.



Client : Feeln by Hallmark

Production Company : Feeln

Field Co-Production : Prohibition

Directors : Cristina Malavenda, Iliana Guevara, Tani Ikeda, Tamara Rosenfeld, Kiran Deol

Executive Producers: Cristina Malavenda, Sean-Michael Smith, Peter King, Rob Fried

Producer : Iliana Guevara

DP : Sean-Michael Smith: Japan, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Colorado.  India: Jeff  Dolen